Pornography: Is it cheating?

08 Mar

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I have read places in the past where people (women in particular) have been threatened by the sight of pornography.  They have felt like their man is cheating on them when he views nude women in a book or on the internet.

So here I go with a guy’s outlook on pornography, ok so again it may not be the outlook for every guy but it is my opinion.

There is a fine line between porn and art.  To me the naked human body is something that I enjoy viewing, as a piece of art.  The poses and unrestricted movement of the body without clothing is inspiring to me.    The way different bodies curve.  All of the different shapes and sizes of the human body, which are never exactly the same.  The human body really is a work to be examined and awed about.

Pornography is completely different to some extent.  With depictions of the human body engaged in different sexual positions, this does not always require it to be smutty.  Some Pornographic figures can be done in an artful way.



Granted,  most of the time when a guy is looking at porn it is not for the “artistic attribute,” and it is for the smutty and sexual nature.

Now the question at hand still stands, is looking at pornographic pictures still cheating?

Any sexual and physical contact between two people in my opinion IS cheating.  If you are in a committed relationship then that one person should be the ONLY person you are touching.  The whole “Eaten ain’t cheatin’” is bull shit.

But what about sexual text messages or chat boards.  This is rough for me to decide which side of the fence I am on.  I can see it both ways, for example if you are able to speak to this other person in a sexual manner, why can’t you talk to your partner the same way instead.   On the other hand, you’re not physically cheating on them, people like to feel wanted and not only by the person they are with.  When you talk sexual or “flirty” you are filling a gap or a want that is not necessarily empty. But it is human nature to like have the feeling of being wanted.

Pornography for guys is a mental thing, the thought of “I wonder what she would feel like.” Or “I wonder what she would do say if I did this to her.”   In most cases, they know what their partner would say or feels like.   And it is not that they TRULY want to know the answers, it’s a feeling of conquering an imaginational and impossible task.

Most men do not stop to look at a naked guy with his Willie dangling in the breeze, it’s something most guys would just say Yuck and move on.  However if you put a naked women on the end of the rod, it changes the whole thing. At that point most men don’t even associate the penis as another mans, but many imagine it is themselves.

My feeling has always been that I am not trying to be with that girl on the screen or page.  I’m not trying to hook up with that girl in the chat room or blog.  I think it is an unconscious thing guys do to feel like they are still alive and wanted in the world.  Still able to get that “catch,” even if they don’t want it!   And this is not just limited to guys, women wear clothing that makes the guys turn a head not just because it looks good on them but because they WANT and NEED that attention.

Next time you walk in on your guy riding his one-eyed purple headed yogurt slinger, take this challenge:

I challenge you to join him.  You don’t have to perform sexual acts for him, just join him.  This can be done in many ways, put your hands on his shoulders and kiss his neck while he finishes or try sitting next to him and “do” your own thing while he finishes allowing him to watch both you and the porn.  Try it and see what happens.

I welcome comments on this especially from the women, I am curious to see how you feel about porn and if you would ever consider watching porn with your partner.

Till tomorrow everyone!  Keep Blogging!


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4 responses to “Pornography: Is it cheating?

  1. Redneckprincess

    March 10, 2011 at 00:59

    I watch it all the time…then send the ones I like to my bf…hehehehehe, fun!!

    • hamfest97

      March 10, 2011 at 22:07

      That’s awesome. My parents a few years back gave me porn DVD’s for my bday. That felt weird, but what was worse is the packages were opened.


        March 11, 2011 at 13:25

        AHHAHAHAHAHAA that is disturbing on sooooo many levels!!!! seriously can I use that story on my blog? Every friday I do a short video of someones ’embarrassing’ sex story….I would love to tell that story!

      • hamfest97

        March 11, 2011 at 13:51

        Sure you can include it. I didn’t notice they were opened until my wife started laughing histarically one night and pointed it out. Thanks for the comment.


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