Swingers Rules

09 Aug

There are many sites out there that talk about different rules.  There are rules for Parties and there are Personal Rules.

I we are not real big into the party or club scene, so I can only speak of the personal rules.

In all the rules you need to know they vary from person to person.  If your interested in a couple, one of the biggest things is to have the open communication of the rules.  Be prepared however to be liberal on your rules a little bit, they are able to be bent but never BROKEN!   In your conversation with others in the Lifestyle, you may learn new rules you would like to apply.  You may also learn why they don’t practice a rule that you do and you may find it to be a good reason and together with mutual agreement abolish that rule all together!

These rules and beliefs belong to our lives specifically.  They are generally widely accepted across the lifestyle and are a good starting point for you and your spouse.No Means NO! 

There simply is no other way to put it.  If someone tells you NO, you are to stop.  If something you are doing is making the other person uncomfortable it should not be done.
Personal Note: If any person in the party says NO, everyone stops what they are doing. A couple who is swapping can use other works like “not that” or the like and it is a personal communication between the swapping individuals. But when the word NO is heard, everyone stops.

Drug and Disease free

This is the most common rule of all swingers.  No one wants to “Take home more than they came with.” — unless it’s a new friendship or phone numbers– or to taint the pink palace. We don’t take this lightly, as with most couples we have kids and family outside of our extra  activities and do not what that jeopardized by involving a new medical condition.

Always ask permission

Although we are separate people, by my choice my wife “Owns” my body.  As in turn I also by her choice “Own” her body.  This is not a domination thing, it simply means if I don’t want another man touching her, I have the right to say NO and she has the same right.
If you want to play with us, permission has to be obtained from both parties.  Don’t get me wrong, obtaining permission is easy and not always verbal.  That is one of those things, when you get permission, you will know!


During play, YOU are OUR toy! Like wise, WE are YOUR toy! We will each enjoy playing with our toys!

We already have our favorite toy we love and that is each other.  There is not room in our relationship for another person to love romantically.

We love all our friends, with friend love.

Bragging to your friends

This is the EASIEST way to get banned from the swinging lifestyle.
One of the hardest things for a single male to do is get invited into a couples relationship.  This is not the case with a female as much.
If you are a single male and do get invited into the lifestyle, keep it between yourself and your couple.  If you brag to your buddies, “Dude, I fucked so and so’s wife.” You will never have the opportunity again.  Please remember, people in this lifestyle talk among themselves.  Even if the couples don’t play together, they talk about their bad experiences quite often.  The last thing you want is for your name to be center of attention in one of these conversations.

Not “IN PLAY” activities

When you see us out at a store, just because you have been invited once does not give you an all exclusive pass to her or his body! DO NOT touch in a sexual way at anytime unless it is invited or permission was received.

Some other Personal Rules WE have as a couple

Always in same room

We both like watching the other person being pleasured.  It is less pleasurable when we are not in the same room.  Therefore, we prefer same room activities or at least where we can see and hear the each other.

No Water sports

Neither one of us is into being pissed on.  Squirting or gushing is one thing.

No Anal

That’s my brown eye and is one thing I don’t share.  When I play with her there she cums fast and hard SO, sorry boys, you will have to figure out another way to make her cum.

 Friends first

We rarely play without knowing the person or couple first. We would much rather have friends over partners. Plus this is a great way to communicate preferences first.

These rules are BASIC.  We live by them and enjoy our lives.  We enjoy sexting and risky picture exchanges.  If your seriously interested, use the comments or contact us button!

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