When They Fall In Love.

12 Sep

Here is a quick personal experience.

I have spoken about the “Rules” and I have spoken about their being a “Separation of Love.”

If you will recall, among the rules was


During play, YOU are OUR toy! Like wise, WE are YOUR toy! We will each enjoy playing with our toys!

We already have our favorite toy we love and that is each other.  There is not room in our relationship for another person to love romantically.

We love all our friends, with friend love.

As it stands, when we meet someone who we share our personal lifestyle with or when we decide to share our lifestyle with someone we have known for a while (I am not saying we are involving them, just simply saying when we share the information with them.) the first thing I do is inform them of these posts.  I suggest they read them in order for them to understand better the lifestyle we are involved in.

As it seems, we had decided to involve a single female, which we have had around for a while now. We decided to involve a single male recently.  At first it was separate times for each, then we involved them together with us….Kind of (That’s a totally different post.)

We started noticing them both acting weird, becoming very clingy type.  The male actually was getting upset when we would visit with other people and would make little comments about “Dropping him and just throwing him out.”  He finally actually admitted to my wife he was falling in love with her.

She actually had to sit him down and tell him, your just our friend and then had to break the news to him he would not be invited into the lifestyle any longer because he was unable to separate love from sex.

We have friends who have the Boyfriend / Girlfriend and it is not for us.  We have each other and don’t need anyone else to love.  If you are a single person involved with a couple in a relationship it is their love relationship, not yours.  Step back and enjoy your invitations when you receive them because they may not always invite you.  We have special friends because we want to throw something new and different in the mix, if you become a Girl/Boyfriend and are exclusive, it no longer becomes different and it becomes routine — which is why we do this to get away from the routine.

Comments/Questions welcome below!

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  1. Jeff

    September 12, 2011 at 11:18

    Thanks for the like therelatonshipflunkie!!


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