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Married Man, Single Female.

As I was surfing the Internet with Maury show in the back ground.  I kept hearing the same thing over and over again. “Have you had sex with anyone she does not know about? You stated NO, and that was a Lie.

After hearing this, I got to thinking about why someone would cheat.  In this blog I am going to be referring to “Him” as being the cheater, mainly due to the fact that the picture I choose to use demonstrates this.  However, I believe that women are just as likely to be the cheater as the man.

Now I know that I haven’t spent any time in a college and I don’t have someone telling me I am good enough to give advise.  So if you’re looking for a text-book answer, move on.  This is what I believe and have seen over and over again.

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Sex Sales

I have dropped out of the Post a Day challenge, It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing or that I don’t have anything to write about.  Lately, I have been focusing on my business website and building clientele there.

Don’t stress, I haven’t forgotten about my faithful follower(s) here.

I conducted a small experiment on this site and now have the results.  I was conducting a “Picture a day” of myself and posting, as you can see those are gone.  Along with the pic a day, I was posting about random items that I found interesting.

Of all the posts, my most hits were on my SEX posts.  This only goes to show that sex sells.

Calvin Klein among others has this figured out!  Use sex in your advertisements, and you will get noticed.

The only post that even came close to my sex postings were the SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

With that in mind, I think I should write a book about SEO using random sexual pictures to keep it noticed.

OK, so I’m not even going to ACT like this surprises me or I am the first person to notice this.

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Pornography: Is it cheating?

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I have read places in the past where people (women in particular) have been threatened by the sight of pornography.  They have felt like their man is cheating on them when he views nude women in a book or on the internet.

So here I go with a guy’s outlook on pornography, ok so again it may not be the outlook for every guy but it is my opinion.

There is a fine line between porn and art.  To me the naked human body is something that I enjoy viewing, as a piece of art.  The poses and unrestricted movement of the body without clothing is inspiring to me.    The way different bodies curve.  All of the different shapes and sizes of the human body, which are never exactly the same.  The human body really is a work to be examined and awed about.

Pornography is completely different to some extent.  With depictions of the human body engaged in different sexual positions, this does not always require it to be smutty.  Some Pornographic figures can be done in an artful way.


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Sex styles!

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As I have said before, I believe don’t believe my blog is going to be one that a lot of people can continually connect to.  I plan on talking about all sorts of different topics from opinions– (which I have a lot of and so does everyone else, sex, relationships,  blog ideas/hints and  tricks.


Today I plan on dropping into the sexual aspect a little bit.

I want to talk about the different types of sex and focus on one type in particular.


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